Medical Mile

Grand Rapids Medical Mile is the regional medical destination of the Midwest.  This expansive medical cooridor has grown exponentially over the last ten years and is home to Spectrum Health, Van Andel Institute, Michigan State Universities’ Medical School, and the Cook DeVos Center for Health Sciences.  In addition the St. Mary’s Healtcare campus is also only blocks away.

Living in close proximity to the medical epicenter is extremely convenient for many of West Michigan’s medical professionals, medical students, residents, nurses, and supporting staff.  All of the major medical institutions on the Medical Mile are adjacent to living options downtown and in the Northeast section of Heritage Hill. There is no need to drive your car to the hospital or medical school, when you can walk to hospital when your beeper goes off.  Medical students and residents have a busy life.  Make your life easier by leaving your car in the driveway and walk to the medical school.